Ceiling Pro

Look up: does your ceiling need a little TLC?

Scalable on Devices.

Responsive & Retina

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Smartly Coded & Maintained.

Powerful Performance

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Flexible & Customizable.

Truly Multi-Purpose

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Over time, it’s natural that your plant ceiling will start to look aged, discoloured or even mismatched. Heat, absorption of plant manufacturing particles and general wear combine to wreak havoc on the appearance of your ceiling.

Enhance your plant’s appearance with a radiant ceiling

We understand the importance of plant appearance, and have created a solution that will leave your ceiling radiant, outlasting the life of a brand new tile in retaining colour and resilience to dirt, debris and other damaging factors.

Don’t replace, restore with Ceiling Pro

Ceiling Pro is cleaning and coating technology that resurfaces your ceiling to a higher quality than replacing the current tiles with new ones.
Why replace when you can restore with this list of benefits:

  • complete ceiling area is brought back to life: tiles, T-bars, air vents, light fixtures, speakers, and sprinklers
  • can be completed during production or post-production
  • more cost-effective alternative compared to new ceiling replacement, with no costs incurred to remove and dispose of ceiling tiles and fixtures and zero replacement costs
  • fire retardant finish that reduces flame spread
  • easy colour blending options (or choose a complete colour change)
  • easy blending with different areas being treated during the course of a day/week/month between services with no visible overlap
  • no odour (when compared to general paint chemicals where there is a high chance of paint sticking between the tiles and T-bars)
  • enables you to decrease energy consumption using lower wattage bulbs with greater ceiling reflection capacity.
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