Ecowize was established in Australia in 2001 and quickly grew to become the market leader in outsourced cleaning and sanitation services for the food industry. We are part of the Ecowize Group that operates in key markets around the globe.


Outsourcing is an investment in peace of mind. When you make the change from in-house sanitation to the Ecowize outsourced  cleaning program, you move your costs from variable to fixed. Our outsourced services span the food industry and include consulting, training, auditing, critical response to cleaning related issues and advice on cleaning and sanitation solutions.


We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technological innovation in the high performance, high compliance cleaning solutions environment. We continually evolve our service offering by increasing support for successful new technologies, initiating strategic alliances with preferred suppliers and identifying operational savings through our cost optimisation program. Our client satisfaction surveys using the globally recognised standard Net Promoter Score and our internal audits reflect our commitment to performance excellence and client satisfaction.


We ensure peace of mind by offering access to comprehensive information regarding the entire cleaning program at your facility, around the clock. An efficient and effective cleaning program saves time and effort, relieving the you of onerous forms and record management, including any requirements of external supplier programs.


Ecowize is committed to ensuring a sustainable environment, balancing economic concerns with corporate responsibility. The products and technologies used in our cleaning and sanitation process are water, energy and detergent efficient.


We offer a range of integrated services that complement our core offering of high performance food industry cleaning and sanitation services including office and amenities cleaning, guarding and security, on-site laundry services and water and boiler treatment.


I wanted to send you a quick note to congratulate you on the great work you have done so far. The audit this week went really well and it was obvious that the rooms looked fantastic. The auditor was really pleased with what he saw and pleased with how the handover was conducted in the chopped room.
Head of Production and Supply Chain (NPS verbatim)
Over 3 and a half years, I’ve found them to do an excellent job and if any minor problems arise, they are fixed immediately.
They are flexible and will undertake tasks outside their contract willingly and charge us as per contract terms for this extra work. If we set tight deadlines in the factory, they are able to accommodate our needs and still get the work done.
They’re always cooperative. They are adaptable when extra shifts are required. Dave Reynolds can’t do enough for us and John, the on-site supervisor, does a good job.
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